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Tart Cherry Jam Recipe

Think you can’t make jam or preserves? Think again…it is SO easy and tasty, too!

Sour/tart cherries make a rare appearance one weekend a summer before they sell out. It’s become an annual tradition for us to go and pick them. One year, there were a line of cars to get in at opening time that caused a big traffic backup. It was like Black Friday for fruit!!!

My hubby picked two big buckets of them last weekend (I couldn’t help much, since Baby Bear is mostly interested in walking around and eating everything off of the ground…..) so I got to work preserving them and turning them into jam.

Here’s what you will need:

  • 4 cups of cherries (washed, pitted, and chopped)
  • 2 cups of granulated sugar (if you like sweeter jam, add another cup. I like to preserve the tartness of the cherries a bit and have the jam be semi-sweet but not overly sweet)
  • Fruit pectin (sold at any grocery store in the canning section)
  • Mason jars (pint sized ones work well)
  • Large pot of boiling water for sealing jars


  1. Once you have washed, pitted, and chopped the cherries (a cherry pitter is a great time saver here – try pitting cherries while watching tv or a movie because it can be monotonous…), measure out four cups and put them into a large sauce-pot. Add the fruit pectin to the pot according to the measurements on the box and mix well.
  2. On medium heat, bring the cherry and pectin mixture to a boil.
  3. Once boiling, quickly add sugar. Stir and bring to a rolling boil.
  4. Boil for one minute, stirring constantly.
  5. Remove from heat, immediately ladle into mason jars.
  6. Allow jam to cool slightly. Place lids on jars tightly, and put into large stockpot of boiling water for ten minutes to seal. Voila!

You can store your finished jars in the fridge for up to two months, or the freezer for one year. Stir well when opening a new jar. The jam is great on toast, crepes, or waffles.

I am looking into other cherry recipes and considering making a pie next (hellooo delicious!). What other yummy treats have you made with tart cherries?

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