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Wood DIY HOME Sign Using Cricut Maker

Interested in trying out the wood cutting feature of your Cricut Maker? This is a great first project!

Wood DIY Sign Using Cricut Basswood and Cricut Maker

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Working with wood and your Cricut machine does have a bit of a learning curve. But with a little patience, you can have a professional level wood product made in just an hour or two. Most of this time is inactive while your machine does the work!

Pro Tip – You CANNOT use just any wood when doing wood projects on your Cricut Maker. You must use Cricut brand basswood, or you can use basswood from the hobby section of your local craft store. I do not recommend using any other type of wood, because it can harm your machine and it will not turn out (don’t let birch wood in the craft store tempt you – it is cheaper but it is very soft and will crack!). Only the Cricut Maker machine can cut wood.

This project makes a great housewarming gift, and can be seasonally changed to reflect different holidays and times of year. This is a project when you can get as creative and detailed as you want, and really personalize your project. I am planning to add more shapes to my collection for this sign as time goes on!

Christmas in July

What you will need…

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  • Cricut Maker machine (get it, you will LOVE it just like I do!)
  • Cricut Strong Grip Mat
  • Cricut Knife Blade
  • Cricut Basswood (comes in 2 sizes and 2 thicknesses)
  • Cricut TrueControl Kit
  • Wood sign (mine is from Hobby Lobby)
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Wood Glue
  • Velcro/Hook and Loop adhesive tabs
  • Chipwood shapes from the store (if desired)
  • Hanging hardware


  • Prepare your Cricut machine by inserting the knife blade and placing the basswood on your Strong Grip mat. It is recommended to use painter’s tape along the edges to help keep the wood securely attached during cutting.
  • Set up your project design in Design Space. I cut out the letters H, M, and E, they were 4 inches in height. You will want to measure your wood board to determine the best height for your letters. Set the material to Cricut Basswood before cutting. NOTE: You can only cut wood projects from a desktop computer and not a phone or tablet, due to the Bluetooth connection and extended cutting time.
  • Set your project to cut. When Cricut Maker cuts wood, it makes several passes, so the cut will take awhile. You can follow the progress in Design Space. Be sure to check in on your project periodically while it is cutting and make sure that your cutting mat is proceeding normally through the machine and does not shift.
  • Once the letters have been cut, carefully remove the entire wood board from the cutting mat. This is where Cricut’s TrueControl Kit comes in handy – it is an x-acto type knife, but with a diagonal edge. This will help you to make all of the cuts in your wood clean before popping them off of the sheet. You will want to work very slowly, as basswood can be fragile and you don’t want it to crack as you pull it back (I have done this MANY times while I was learning!). The best method is to trace around your letters with the TrueControl knife, and then slowly try to remove the wood around your letters.
  • Paint your letters your desired color, and use wood glue to affix them to your wooden board.
  • If you are cutting shapes for your project from Cricut, paint those as well.
  • Attach the Velcro/hook and loop attachments to the backs of your cutout pieces (I always line them up visually before applying the velcro, so that the shape is lined up exactly where I want it). Attach the opposite velcro piece to your sign.
  • Attach hanging hardware to the back of your sign if needed. Give away, or hang and enjoy!

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Have you tried another beginner wood project on Maker? Share with me in the comments below!

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