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Make your own Wood Sign – An easy DIY project

Easily create a beautiful wooden sign for your home using Cricut vinyl.

You CAN make one of those nifty wood signs without even going to the wood painting shop…maybe this post will even inspire you to have your own sip and paint party?! I will give you a quick rundown of how to make one of these wooden signs – either for your own home or as a gift.

I found this wooden round serving board at Hobby Lobby in the clearance section (of course I bought two so that I can make another in the future!). Look for great steals in craft stores about a month or two before the seasons change and you’ll find great selection in the clearance area.

What you need…

  • Wood pallet, board, or sign
  • Paint (I like Martha Stewart acrylic paints in Satin that are labeled all-surface)
  • Wide paintbrush and very fine paintbrush
  • Vinyl stencil design or
    Your Cricut is perfectly made for this project!

What to do…

  • Cover any areas that you do not want painted with painters tape. Paint your board your desired color or stain.
  • Design your vinyl template in
  • Apply your vinyl template to your wood using transfer tape. Make sure that all of your vinyl is securely attached to your wood, especially around every area of text. Press down firmly.
  • Using a very fine tip paintbrush, make broad strokes with your chosen color paint over your stencil. Make sure to cover every crevice of your stencil, but do not try to get your brush under the stencil. This will make your lines not clean. This is the most important tip – do not use a lot of paint! Dab your brush onto a paper towel before you apply it to your wood. If you use too much paint, it will seep under your stencil and you will have globs of paint where you don’t want them, outside of your design (eee I did this the first time!). Go slow and be sure to only use a little bit of paint. You may need to do multiple coats – which is totally fine, just make sure that you allow each coat to completely dry before applying the next one.
Use very thin layers of paint in broad strokes as you work.
  • Once your paint is completely dry and you are satisfied with the darkness of the coats, slowly peel back your vinyl. I suggest starting at a corner and pulling back at a 45 degree angle. This is the most satisfying part of the project because you get to peel back the vinyl and see these beautiful crisp paint lines on your finished project!
  • You can seal your project with a wood sealant if you like. Then add a pretty bow or ribbon to the top.
Slowly peel back your vinyl and see your stunning crisp paint lines!

This project takes a bit of time and patience, but makes a beautiful housewarming gift or a special new piece for your own home. I hope you try out this stencil vinyl technique – and please share your results!

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